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AI Incubator at OpenAIMP

The OpenAIMP's AI incubator program is an intensive program designed to assist students/graduates with a desire to start an AIML career.

This initiative differs as it is holistic in nature-the incubator program focuses on both the development and business aspects of a project.

AI incubator offers:

Biz Internship at OpenAIMP

OpenAIMP is looking for motivated and energetic candidates to join our team in the following roles:

Internship at OpenAIMP provides the opportunity for advanced students and young professionals to work with our top-notch, international team while contributing to the development of our industry-leading Machine Learning platform.

If you are passionate about Machine Learning but your area of interest does not fall into one of the categories listed, you are still more than welcome to apply. In fact, we encourage you to pitch your own ideas on how to use AI to solve new problems or how to improve the AIMP platform. Send your project proposals to projects@openaimp.com